Zen Sets for Blender

Zen Sets is an add-on for creating and managing Selection Sets of mesh Elements. Save the selection of Verts / Edges / Faces to bring it back whenever you want, modify it, and display it by color in a couple of clicks. Meet true Selection Sets for Blender!




Main Features

  • Sets and Parts. Two Modes can be applied for all the Elements (Verts / Edges / Faces). Sets Mode (each Element can belong to different Groups) and Parts Mode (each Element belongs to only one Group).
  • Display System that helps find and select each Group by displaying it by color in the viewport.
  • Zen Sets Workspace Tool for fast switching between Elements Modes. It also provides a simulation of Zbrush Polygroup behavior for Selecting and Hiding Groups in Parts Mode.
  • Import / Export Zen Sets Groups to native Vertex Groups, Face Maps, Vertex Colors, and vice versa**.**
  • Auto Groups Operator to create Groups automatically from linked faces.
  • Create Objects from Groups Operator. Divide mesh into Objects using Zen Sets Groups.
  • Assign Materials to Groups Operator.
  • Possibility to use Zen Sets Groups by external operators. Implement Zen Sets for your own pipelines.
  • Quick Support on the Discord channel.

How to install and use Zen Sets (v1.0)

What are the advantages of Zen Sets in comparison with native Vertex Groups / Face Maps?

  • Zen Sets has Parts and Sets Modes to provide a wider choice of Element Groups. Vertex Sets, Vertex Parts, Edge Sets, Edge Parts, Face Sets and Face Parts Groups.
  • Zen Sets can display each Group by color in Viewport.
  • Zen Sets has statistics about how many Elements contain each Group.
  • Zen Sets has multi-object support.
  • Zen Sets has quick access to each Group.

Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/l/ZenSets
Blendermarket: https://blendermarket.com/products/zen-sets

Required Blender version: 2.92+
Documentation: https://zen-masters.github.io/Zen-Sets/
Support: https://discordapp.com/invite/wGpFeME


While I do think this could/should be part of Vanilla Blender (yes, I am entitled and demanding :grin:) ,
you did Blender users a great service by creating this as addon. Well done! :ok_hand:
Nice branding too. The concept of Zen and Wu Wei should go hand in hand with ones toolset.

I have one question / suggestion.
How much effort/work would it be for you to put this functionality into the property editors in the object data panel?
Having the ability to customize the place where it is (N-panel or property editor or both) would be really nice in order to keep the N-panel less filled and confusing (mine is filled to the brim)
Just a minor recommendation in case you’re willing to put some more work into it (version 1.1?)



Have you tried this add-on to optimize N-panel?

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OMG, this is perfect.
Thanks a lot for making me aware of it. How did I miss this?

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with pie menu editor you can add the npanel anywhere in blender , in the mesh properties or the topbar of the viewport like 3ds max or as popup in contex menu , doesnt matter

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Great stuff Sergey!

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Last year, I contacted several add-on developers to suggest them to “add an option to customize the location of the tab in which they placed their add-on” :

Example of message that I sent: Select panel - #38 by xan2622
(Click on “Summary” to expand the block)

Unfortunately, the “N panel clutter” is still a reality. Blender Developers haven’t fixed this UI problem yet, despite many posts (and suggestions) about it: link 1link 2link 3.

@MACHIN3 : Do you allow me to suggest you the same feature request (to add an option in your add-ons preferences to customize the location of your “add-on tab”)? Maybe you could have a look at the source code of this add-on which already supports this option in its preferences? https://gitlab.com/ChameleonScales/Backface_Hiding

Thank you in advance.

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Out of curiosity, can these selection sets be used for modifiers like Bevel? Having edge selection sets that I can plug into the bevel modifier has been on the top of my wishlist forever.