3D Character adaptation from 2D style

Hi, there.

So, this is part of a project for 3D Animation show I’ve been envisioning for a long time. But only recently have I been able to get restarted on the Blender learning process and on improvements on the 3D artwork.

Maybe one the hardest challenges for me is to make a proper style adaptation from 2D to 3D. This single topic made me take many, many steps forward, backward, then forward; again and again. This, within the terrible doubt if a satisfactory adaptation is even possible from my point of view. But recently I’ve started to become more optimistic about it (thanks to recent 3D achievements), and decided that maybe I should be more inventive than conservative, regarding this 3D adaptation, as there are elements from the 2D style that don’t seem to fit well in 3D space after all…

I’m glad to share this with the community, and might be posting updates here from this particular model, which might be in the middle of the process by now.

Render is 2 colored Lights (Area, Disk), and most Shaders are based on ColorRamp toon shading stuff, but then turned back into BSDF Diffuse shader, in order to be dramatically affected by Light objects.

Viewport Shading: Solid; Flat with Shadow

In case wondering, 2D style is like this: