Alien Gecko Animation


Here’s the result of my efforts, over the last two weeks, to learn how to turn a sculpt into an animated character! Everything done 100% in blender! Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the WIP thread and ArtStation.




WOW! This is great! :star_struck:
Absolutely love the animation. Amazing job!
Can I get him as a pet please… :wink:


So it’s not a rigged creature?

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Wow, amazing dude.I would like some ideas from you regarding this kind of portfolio.
Keep Blending,
Shankar J

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No, It’s rigged. No crazy innovations here. :stuck_out_tongue: Just new to the process of character creation. I’ve been sculpting in blender for a while and haven’t put the effort into learning the rest of the workflow until now.

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Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and I’m glad you like him.

He’s just a concept now, but I’ll let you know when our genetic engineering project is done. Should be ready in about 2050. :wink:

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Oh my, hope I’m allowed to have a pet in the retirement home. :wink:


Man the animation is on point … such reaisitic rigging and animation … bravo bravo


Amazing work mate. Do you have an online portfolio?

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Really well done.
REALLY well done.

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Thanks man, I’m glad you appreciate it! It was a ton of fun figuring it all out! :smile:

Thanks, man! I remember seeing your First Contact topic when I first joined Blender Artists. I was so inspired by it and still am. I’m pretty new to cg art, so i don’t have much out there, but i have an artstation and post things on here. I have so many projects that are in a perpetual WIP state… I really surprised myself by busting this out so quick!

Thank you so much :smile:

Top work! Congratz!!

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So did the animation just come out that good without you having to learn any kind of advanced animation concepts or have years of practice? can others expect to achieve such life like animation with relative ease?

Also quick question if you dont mind me asking, did you have to do a painstaking re-topology to get such good quads or did you just use the remesh buttons?

This is fantastic! A small how to or behind the scenes would be cool (time permitting of course).

How is this not featured yet. Such realism and fluid animation. Great work.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Well, I had never animated a virtual 3D character rig before this project. I had never done retopology. My rig is definitely not too complex… I mean, I put it together in a day just from watching a few YouTube videos. So, yes, I do think that anyone that has a good understanding of Blender could achieve things like this. I will say that as a kid I spent much of my free time doing stop frame animation and flip books. I never got great at it though. Also, I bred leopard geckos, so that’s probably where this guy came from… I think it really just takes time and focus… on every project I’ve ever worked on, I feel hopeless as an artist in the beginning stages. I have to push through that self judgement almost every time I start a project. So, I say just keep adding more and more detail until you’re happy with it. Don’t let self doubt or fear that you’re taking too long stop you from really focusing and improving your work.

I had to learn retopology for this project. I think it took around 8 hours all together. I just watched some videos on YouTube and worked on it like a puzzle. I was so afraid of getting into retopology before this… I actually had a lot of fun learning it though.

Thank you! I started a WIP topic that has more behind the scenes shots. It definitely doesn’t go into too much detail though. I’ll have to spend some time on a more in depth description. Thanks for your interest. :smile:

It seems like it’s trending, maybe this will be the one! Thanks for your support!

You’re #featured! :tada:

Love your topology and mesh flow! Just great!

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Woohoo! Thanks Bart! What an honor!

Would you mind adding my profile to the Instagram post?