Beginner Question - Modeling "Curvy" Edges

Good day,

I’m a new modeler. I’ve box-modeled this cello and I’m wondering how to make it curvier - more like a real cello than something with obvious polygons. I accept that anything I do will be much less than perfect, as this is my first attempt to do this from scratch.

I tried subdividing the object with a modifier, but that added a lot of complexity to the areas that don’t need it. I tried subdividing only the outer “border” of the instrument, but then I end up with more polygons but groups of polygons are still at sharp angles to each other. I can start to correct for that by enabling proportional edit and pushing/pulling verts, but that’s going to be at least a couple of hours of work because I’m not good at it yet. I wouldn’t mind this if I thought that the results would be reasonably uniform and decent-looking, but I’m not sure of that at all. I tried just viewing the model as “Smooth” rather than “Flat”, but it looks like a lump of wet clay if I do that. “Edge Split” fixes that, but it seems to separate vertices so that I wind up with lots and lots of duplicates.

Any advice appreciated - I’m hoping that I don’t have to start over because this took me a while, but live and learn I suppose. :slight_smile:

see this one here
might help

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Hi Ricky, I appreciate the link to that thread. I reworked my cello to look very similar to the violin that the other user was working on at the time, used 2 iterations of the Catmull-Clark subdivision method, and the outside curvature of the cello looks great.

I marked a few areas with creases (value of 1.0) so that the subdivision modifier would leave them alone. Everything went well with that. My difficulty now is that some of the subdivision around the areas that are more complex is kinda… squirrely… I guess I’d call it.

It seems like a problem with the way that I modeled the thing out - I’m guessing that any 3D software would be unsure of what I wanted to do there so it just does what the software does because I’m not yet skilled enough to tell it differently. This is where I miss being in college for this sort of thing, like I was when I was first learning Photoshop and Illustrator, but I’m in the US and college is pretty expensive.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips or words of wisdom, I’d appreciate that a lot. Here are a few more screen captures - I might have to add them separately because I’m still a newbie and the website only lets me add one to each message.