Blender Game Logic Nodes (UPBGE-Compatible)


I decided to pick up pgi’s work and continue his logic node system for the Blender Game Engine. With this you’ll be able to visually assemble your logic just as you would in UE4 or Armory3D.

BETA! Testing and Feedback is very much appreciated!
Continuous original pgi-code cleanup…
Node and Socket improvements, nearing first full release


  1. Download here:
  2. In Blender, go to Preferences -> Add-Ons
  3. Click on "Install Add-On from File and select the .zip
  4. Activate the newly installed Add-On

A new mode “Logic Tree Editor” should then be available in the “General” Tab in the Editor-Selection.

Go to the editor and create a new Logic Tree (Just as you would create a material)
Select an object in the scene and (in the Tree Editor) click on “Apply logic to selected object”

Start adding nodes and try around - please create Issues on GitHub if you encounter any problem!


  • Sometimes the first time when the Add-On gets loaded it gets stuck in an infinite loop, just activate it again, that should work
  • Grouping does and will not work like in shader nodes, workaround by compacting nodes into a new tree and reference that.
  • On some occasions, the addon causes a crash when opening a blend file and deleting something. W/A: Delete a node and do CTRL-Z to undo, then it lets you delete (I’m investigating)



you should talk to @panzergame
he was talking about doing this included in upbge


Thanks, done, still gonna keep working on this because i want to get into making addons anyway


Hello there Iza, até you still working on this project? I’m using it and I’m having some issues. But step by step I’m solving them.

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how do i install this? i’m trying to mount it in UPBGE with the zip but it doesn’t do anything

First you download, guess you did that.
Then you do in your blender folder, search for the directory named addons, in the directory scripts.
Paste the unzipped directory There.

Open blender. Open user preferences. Activate the addon. You have to enable all three tipes.
Type logic.
He is in the node editor that you use for shaders
But there is an icon for it.

Yeah, I actually continued this, but I don’t know if the git version is up-to-date
I’ll push the latest state when I get back to my PC :+1:

Can you create Issues under the Issue Tab or post them here so I can take a look at it? :slightly_smiling_face:


O freakish hell
I haven’t gotten the news of the UPBGE-Eevee builds yet :flushed:
That’s some awesome big news!

Gonna look into this the coming days…

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I was in the process to contact with you to speak about to integrate the addon into UPBGE-EEVEE repository. :grinning:


Definitely will be on it as soon as possible :smiley: Gotta check what’s new with UPBGE, I thought it lost momentum, VERY glad to see it’s still rolling :smiley:

I haven’t checked in on Add-Ons for 2.8+ yet, gonna start with that
Right now I’m very very far away from my pc, should be back by the end of the week though :+1:


I’m glad to hear that :grin:. Take your time, we have no hurry.

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First problem solved, Logic Nodes are now available for the EEVEE branch :+1:

It’s still an older verison and has some weird bugs, but it’s basically working :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there anything a technical but non coder user could do to help with this project? Filing bugs? Triage? Suggestions?

I’d desperately love to see this project succeed…


Mainly what anyone can do is just use it and create Issues on GitHub if there’s any problem, if possible with a traceback in case it’s an actual error

Otherwise i’m open for node and usability suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: General Feedback is also very appreciated :+1:


You could show your support like a true-BA-blender-fanatic :wink:

Like every post in this thread + future ones :slight_smile:


Alrighty, Version 0.3.2 for 2.82 is up, should fix various stability Issues and node bugs :+1:

@lordloki_reloaded I was wondering if there was an elegant way to make an object’s game properties show up in the node editor. Does UPBGE have a certain UI Operator for this or something? :thinking:


I think not but we can make something.



Can the Camera actuator be enhanced in next release ? Replace Axis option by a Vector or Add an angle perimeter ?

How can i create my own actuator ? Where is stored the Actuators code ?

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The next release will be only to have something stable with eevee.

If you want to modify the code you can review this commit where the mouse actuator was added:

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dont bother with source code. just do something in python.