Blendit - Full dynamic material blending of objects

Main features:

  • Easily create material blend of selected objects with active
  • Non-destructive operations: create, apply, remove material blends
  • Option of executing the operations for all blends of source object
  • Real time dynamic blends works in viewport, Eevee and Cycles
  • Option automatic create material from blended objects
  • Option to Blend Normals of objects
  • Easily tweak individual blend of object
  • Easy tweaking of all blends of source object
  • Blend styles: Height maps blending, Noise and Custom texture masking
  • Preserve texture scale from source object with mapping options:
    1. World space: Geometry node - Position output
    2. Object space: Texture Coordinate node - Object output
    3. UV v1: Texture Coordinate node - UV output + Blendit Transfer UV
    4. UV v2: UV Map node + Blendit Transfer UV

Note that for the version 1.5 there are many limitations, restrictions.
I plan to figure out most of it in new versions.


  • Only one blend per object supported
  • Two source objects can’t be blended together
  • The add-on only works with the first material slot
  • You shouldn’t rename Blend materials for proper functionality
  • You shouldn’t remove original materials for proper functionality
  • You shouldn’t rename Blendit modifiers for proper functionality
  • The quality of the blend depends on mesh density and topology
  • Only an UV map with Active Render can be transferred
  • Multi-user material doesn’t support different blend source objects
  • Auto Smooth turns on when Blend Normals is used
  • You must use UV mapping and Transfer UV to blend Normal maps
  • Used simple inaccurate blending of normal maps
  • Automatic connected Displacement and Volume outputs aren’t supported
  • Limited support for input nodes depending on the source object
  • Blender 2.90.x bug, crash when switching to UV Edit of source object
  • Blender 2.90.x bug, crash when switching to Edit Mode of source object
  • Mappings inside node groups are not affected
  • Using AutoSmooth with Blend Normals in Cycles may cause terminator artifacts
  • Smooth linear blending gradients of solid colors are difficult to set
  • The use of subsurface scattering in the source material may show seam for Cycles


Blendit v1.1

  • Implemented full support of Frame Nodes
  • Fixed issue with Reroute Node and full support of these nodes
  • Fixed issues caused by incompatibility with other add-ons affect material nodes

Blendit v1.2

  • Automatic linking of unconnected node mapping input
  • Basic warning if unsupported mapping is used
  • Basic warning if unsupported nodes are used
  • Fixed blended material doesn’t work in Cycles
  • Fixed transfer of active UV Map instead of UV Map with Active Render

Blendit v1.3

  • Full support of material nodes (ColorRamp, RGB Curve, Vector Curves)
  • Small performance improvement through better modifiers settings
  • Auto Smooth option added to Settings (recommended to turn-off in Cycles)
  • Added switches for Simple and Advanced blend modes
  • Advanced mode - added option to tweak the minimum blend distance
  • Advanced mode - added option to tweak the gradient of the material blend
  • Advanced mode - added option to tweak the blend of normals
  • Fixed issue and added warning if objects have no materials
  • Fixed Transfer UV doesn’t have ideal mapping when Blend Normals disabled
  • Fixed Auto smooth did not return when blend was removed
  • Fixed UV Map node could have non-existent UVs assigned
  • Fixed applied blend shows sliders without influence

Blendit v1.4

  • Added Blend Styles: Noise dithering, Height map blending, Custom map dithering
  • Added Preview Modes for blends: By gradient and By gradient with thresholds
  • Added Show / Hide blend switcher
  • Added UV Mapping Scale option for non transferred UV mapping
  • Blendit modifiers have closed details by default
  • When blend is created or Blend Style is changed, source init values are used
  • Added warning icon for enabled Blend Normals setting when it should be disabled
  • The add-on no longer disappear when an unsupported object is selected
  • Renamed Distance to Max Distance for consistency
  • Improved UI states of enabled / disabled buttons
  • Fixed wrong behavior when material linked to object / data was used
  • Fixed and improved parenting inside Frame nodes, broken in v1.3
  • Fixed wrong mapping when non-image texture nodes use default mapping
  • Fixed issue when materials have multiple output nodes or wrong output setup
  • Fixed not appearing of Material Warning in specific case
  • Fixed availability of the Individual Scale parameter for non blended objects
  • Fixed issue with removing blends on objects Excluded from View Layer

Blendit v1.5

  • Added missing support for Float Curve shader node
  • Fixed API compatibility issue for Blender 3.2.0

Blendit v1.6.1

  • Fixed issue with new Mix Node in Blender 3.4
  • Fixed attributes naming collision
  • Fixed Modifier compatibility in Blender 3.5. and 3.3.4 LTS

Planned features for next versions:

  • Tweak multiple normal blends of objects at once
  • Option to create a unique material per object
  • Option stack and handle multiple blends on objects
  • Operations for individual blends in the stack
  • Accurate blending of normal maps
  • Option to use template materials
  • Option to deform geometry at the intersection
  • Supported blend with multiple material slots
  • Support for different blend sources for multi-user material
  • Supported automatically connected Displacement output
  • Supported automatically connected Volume output
  • Supported transfer of multiple UV
  • The next stage of performance improvement
  • New Blending Engines (Pro version only)
  • And more…

Available on Gumroad



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Don’t give him to much credit. He just turned it into a addon.

The techniques mentioned in the links do not achieve what the add-on can do. Show me full dynamic blends for viewport and Eevee. And make it just by one click.
Don’t be mean, I made this add-on for you too. It was not easy.


So you’re not using dynamic paint, data transfer modifier and nodes?

@spiv this looks very handy. Can i bake the textures for using with other Renderers like Luxcore. And what means tier 1 ? Don’t i have updates.?!

I don’t use all these things together that are mentioned.
I just use what Blender offers…
I don’t understand why you have a problem with my efforts to make life easier for Blender users.


I’ll send you future replies in PM. Don’t want to start debate and hijack your thread.


Yes, you can bake textures without problems.
Tiers offer small bonuses for you. I will update higher tiers first. But all tiers will be updated.

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Thanks, i need this. :+1: :grin:

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These errors occur in testing.
I’m on linux

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Same error here. I’m on Windows, Blender 2.9

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Thanks for reporting. I know how it fix, but I can’t replicate it. I don’t know what is source of problem. I suspect it’s caused by another add-on. Can you send me a .blend file?

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@spiv Thank you for the hint. @BauDouin It’s the Image Layers Node Addon from @akaneyu. After deaktivate all works fine.
Many thanks for Blendit :+1:

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I have reported a few issues from users and they are probably all caused by other add-ons.
I will fix it as soon as possible.
It is not a problem to adjust your blend material as you need. For now I have chosen the most universal setup. I plan to implement the option to use material presets.
Thanks for feedback.


this addon costs a lot and does too simple things. Looks like selling snow

So don’t buy it and make it yourself. Not very useful info.


It was some other addon with me too, managed to sort of make it work. Tried it with simple colours and it does what it should, but as soon as I load in a PBR setup I get a different error.

Interesting error. Did you try to deactivate other add-ons and then restart Blender? I’m working on an update and I hope it will fix all these issues.