Challenge #855 (08/11/19) Entries CLOSED

Nice to see how such a accessible theme amps up the creativity like in tenfold.

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“Cave Mushrooms”

started three different projects and didn’t like any of them so decided to just stick with this. May or may not expand on it before entries close. Everyone has fantastic entries this week.


Lol, ya I watch a VFX video on something like it where the leafs lift up off the ground and spin then go along a path spinning. :grin::+1::shushing_face:

Working around the 4th crash today… wish me luck

great idea!

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Well, good luck! :slight_smile:
That looks like a lot of images to process.

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“Grow,runaway or get run over” , Pure

Cycles 256 (branched for 2x subsurface), used 2.81 denoise node (with denoising data), total render time was ~15m.

This species of mushroom i inspired from is “Marasmius Haematocephalus”. However i wanted details to show up a bit more so i made them a bit bigger with shorter shafts.


Each shroom is actually made from 3 parts: shaft,inner and outer (solidify modifier played a major part in the last 2)

For the moss i made individual models with bezier curves ( )(+ added those long spore thingies that appear in moss often and only after i actually learned they are part of the same plant (split to gametophyta, bottom green part, and the top part, sporophyta). At least i was right that they are spores :stuck_out_tongue:

Rocks/soil is just displacement and particle collections as well.

Used this setup as my base for the bark: Procedural bark material

Ideally i wanted to have learned about doing cell fracture in 2.8 but the glass pieces were manually placed….Seemed too much to absorb for a single weekend XD

(i only re-uploaded since i noticed a noticeable drop between the render (either denoised or noisy) and the saved one…i had a search and it should have to do with macOS color profiles and blender profiles. i had to add a saturation node on the compositor to have a similar result on the saved image to what i originally viewed)


going on to final render… hopefully I’m going to make it on time!

“Corpse seed”

Rendered in E-Cycles, 256 samples and Intel denoiser, 1920x1920 (cropped to 1920x1496), 08:24 in a 1080ti.
Open due to the hand being from MB-Lab (Add-on) and the use of PS to color grade.
I used Physical Atmosphere, Graswald and the BoneStudio branch for the voxel remesher modifier.


Great entries this week everyone!! :slight_smile:


witch pills, blender only, rendered in cycles


Mushrooms make good furniture

Non-Competing. 64 samples Composited in AE

So this is one of the reasons I haven’t been participating in the weekend challenges lately, I took part in animation competition for my region and this is one of the renders.

I’ve just uploaded it to the finished projects page, realizing it goes a little with the mushroom theme I decided to share it here as a non competing entry. Please do check it out Guavaville


“Experimental Fungi”
Cycles, procedural tex, 1024 samples


Tons of entries this week. @Helge did we break the record? Last one i remember was the default cube theme. Does that still hold the record or did all these lovely entries beat it?

default cube 48 entries, (39 competing / 9 non competing) (complete list)

After having a quick look at the clock, I’m starting to doubt that we will be able to beat that one this time. :wink:

so here is my ( very last minute) entry:
“the gateway” - pure -cycles

I was going for a “bad trip” loose interpretation of the theme, but as the photoscans I did yesterday were too realistic, I settled for a fantasy setting.
there is two ways of interpret the theme, I think. A “bad trip” scenario induced by mushroom consumption, or the entrance to the mushroom/kappa kingdom.
everything, including the assets for the leafs, characters and photoscans were done by me, from saturday to now.
photoscans were done in visual sfm and meshlab, everything else was done in blender (and, surprisingly, all the textures are photos i took saturday, or procedural).
for the ones interested, here is a different aspect ratio and the ambient occlusion pass:


Nice one! That must have been a lot of work.

Regarding the pure/open classification, short version:

If you can honestly say to yourself:

“Yes, I mainly used Blender to make this.”,
“Yes, nearly all of the foreground models are new.”,
“Yes, most of the models are new.”

then the entry is probably pure.
You know your creation process best, so you decide. :slight_smile:

thanks! I was worrying that I wouldn’t be able to finish on time. I settled on “pure”, since all models are new or procedurally generated, an there is no (easy) way to get blender to photoscan.