Home in island

Made for myself in my spare time, happy to get any comments )
Blender 3.4 Cycles GeoScatter


Really nice render !!

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well apart from the absence of dof these really look like photos :+1:

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Thank you friend :+1:

Thank you )

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thanks Bart! :+1:

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This really looks grounded in a convincing environment. In my hobby art, the stuff behind the house is the absolute hardest thing for me to do. Do you have any advice in that area you can share for beginners?

Stunning work. never seen such a great rendering in Blender. Could you provide this project for learning purposes? I want to buy this project. let me know if it is possible. thanks.

Shot with a F22? :wink:
But really nice work! And a verry slow plane…:smile:

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Thank you! The only basic advice is, approach your work as a photographer, an artist. Study composition, light composition and color composition. Use only quality models and textures. And the most important thing is to practice all the time.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, the project will not be able to sell as most projects are linked because of the severity of the project. But I can share the knowledge that I know, although I myself still have much to learn.

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Your truth is there, too :grinning:

I want a vacation there, badly!

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this is outstanding work. Especially the evening shot. I think a bit of careful lens effects and post processing could still push the image a bit further, but your starting point is already absolutely beautiful.

How did you do the white water of the wave hitting the beach. Is that an addon or good old texturing?
And do you mind me asking which plant library was used for the palm trees?
Keep up the great work!


Thanks Jonathan!
You’re right quality post-processing would be nice.
I added the white waves with good old Photoshop.
Used palm trees from the Maxtree collection.


Thanks for the info REW - does Maxtree offer Blender Shaded libraries also, or you converted it from Max?

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Unfortunately my collection was in max format, I had to customize from scratch.

That’s outstanding! Love what you did with the water. Great work!

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