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Hello, your action data is great. Will it be sold?

You mean the animation data? Not sure that would be useful for much, but I was considering short action snippets like run/walk cycles, blinks and things a while ago.


This is great!!

Hey Chris, i imagine that after buying the face rig, if i buy the body rig i can have the already assemble “body & face rig” ?..

My other question is does the body rig comes with male and female shapes?


Correct, I’ll send a code so you can get the Body & Face Rig free. It doesn’t come with genders - there’s an overview of each item and what they include here (scroll down a bit).

In the “Body & Face Rig” says " Add either the Male or Female Base Mesh to enable both genders (only one is required to access both)"

-Does this means that apart from paying $72 for the body rig (since i already have the face rig) i have to pay an additional $18 for male or female body mesh?

-This leads me to my next question, what comes by default in the “Body & Face Rig” in terms of gender?.., or is an smooth neutral mesh and i really have to add the male or female meshes to really define one or the other?


Yes, the default mesh is gender neutral. So if you add the male or female base mesh as a shape key, the inverse of that shape key is the other gender (hence why you only need to add one).

OK, thanks for the info.

Not sure if it has any significant importance BUT I’ve noticed in skin wrinkles shader that all of the mask textures sampled in sRGB rather than Non-color or Linear which is making them, I guess, a bit brighter after convertion from sRGB than you would expect from them.
Should it be fixed?

Hey @ChrisJones check this out:

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@Andrej I intentionally left them as sRGB because it’s easier to control the darker tones when painting the masks. Otherwise, I don’t think it matters in this instance.

@julperado Yeah I saw that, not too keen on having to have a duplicate of the whole mesh/rig though. Will have to examine more closely when it’s time for me to retire older Blender versions.

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Your skills look very promising

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Hello, how do you bake this set of maps to UE

Hello, re Body Rig: could you please advise on how to increase the length of the legs. I am aware that you have invcluded a dedicated controller for the leg length but I do mess up FK/IK match everytime I try.

@718938032 I’m not familiar with the UE workflow, so I’m not sure I can help with that. Are you trying to import the mesh with textures into UE?

@Fl_Ma Scaling the Leg Length would be the way to do it, but since there’s no IK/FK snapping, the feet will leave their controls if you want to switch to FK. So you’d need to manually realign the leg in FK mode, or reposition the Foot control in IK mode.

Not limited to UE, I want to know how to bake the map in blender into BPR map

Is baking texture

Thank you. I realised I made a mistake. When increasing the length of a limb it is much easer to scale in all 3 dimensions at once rather than going only z axis as I did.

I haven’t baked a texture in Blender 2.x or 3.x before, so I don’t know if it has the same problems as it has with displacement baking, but I transferred textures from one object to another by baking them in Blender Render engine in 2.79 once. I don’t remember the exact procedure though.

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Chris, when can we expect another video? Or can you tell us what are you working on now?