Leafig add-on for converting bitmaps to flat meshes

@ambi has just released an interesting new Blender add-on called Leafig, allowing you to easily convert bitmap images to flat meshes, including textures.

I’ve bought the add-on and like it.


Hi Metin,

Leafig is a handy addon that’s saved me allot of time on several occasions. Thanks @ambi for making this. I’ll try the Remesh addon (which looks to be updated now by @Bookyakuno), see:

Just discover this so will be trying it out also shortly.

Cheers and stay safe!



Quad Remesher works best for neat, balanced quad retopology of the shapes generated with Leafig.

Hi Metin,

I’ve heard of Quad Remesher is one of the best and have been keeping an eye on it. Would be nice to get it on sale though. The Boundary Aligned Remesh addon isn’t working out for me so far.

Cheers and stay safe

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You can also try the open source Auto Remesher, but I don’t know if it also works on flat meshes.

You stay safe too!

Hey Metin, love your addon!

I was wondering if its possible for you to add another feature though:

Im looking for a way to turn an image that is projected onto a mesh into pure geometry. Imagine you have an alpha pattern projected onto a sphere, but instead of the sphere geometry I end up with the geometry of that pattern. That way I could easily extrude that geo and add thickness to an alpha, which is pretty hard to accomplish nowadays.

Hope you understood what I mean and see the value in it!

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The Leafig add-on is developed by @ambi . I’m just a messenger. :wink:

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oh okay, thanks for the info.


to further my explanation, im looking for a way to do this with your addon:

texture projected into geometry, leafig to delete transparent areas of image, get new patterned geometry already in the shape of mesh. I see no good way to iterate on objects like this, particles and instances are super slow, while with this I could drag a bunch of textures and play with the UVs until I get something I like. Leafig to get the geometry would be a blessing!


The Leafig addon converts images to mesh based on color or transparency. It doesn’t wrap mesh to an object based on UV. That’s a completely different algorithm. Still it’s a good idea for a possible future extension.


Hey @ambi
Nice work on your plugin

i was wondering, can your cutout algo handle this kind of holes problem?

i did some bpy research with `ops.gpencil.trace_image()`....

But I’m stuck on the hole problem, as this technique rely on curve and therefore holes are a bit annoying to handle. GP just completely ignore the problem altogether with holdout material.

So i was just wondering if you have the same problem with your technique :thinking:

Sure, it works.

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Do you plan to publish your addon to the blender market too?
I like to keep my stuff sorted at one place.