Leafig add-on for converting bitmaps to flat meshes

@ambi has just released an interesting new Blender add-on called Leafig, allowing you to easily convert bitmap images to flat meshes, including textures.

I’ve bought the add-on and like it.


Hi Metin,

Leafig is a handy addon that’s saved me allot of time on several occasions. Thanks @ambi for making this. I’ll try the Remesh addon (which looks to be updated now by @Bookyakuno), see:

Just discover this so will be trying it out also shortly.

Cheers and stay safe!



Quad Remesher works best for neat, balanced quad retopology of the shapes generated with Leafig.

Hi Metin,

I’ve heard of Quad Remesher is one of the best and have been keeping an eye on it. Would be nice to get it on sale though. The Boundary Aligned Remesh addon isn’t working out for me so far.

Cheers and stay safe

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You can also try the open source Auto Remesher, but I don’t know if it also works on flat meshes.

You stay safe too!