Make an object emit light

Hi guys,

I know its possible to bake textures for static places in order to gain CPU resources. But if i want an object like a lamp or a screen to emit light that will interact with moving objects (just like a spot, hemi, sun, point) how can i do it in UPBGE ?

I know how to do it in Blender Render engine. But want to do it in UPBGE and dont know how to do it …

I tried but the object is not emitting a light which enlights around

In vanilla BGE it seems to work when the shading is on GLSL. But the object is not shining anymore but it emits light

You can’t emit real light from objects in the bge.
but as that site says the example should still work, by faking it with a lamp on the same location as your object.

If you just want to emit, then you can use the material setting for it. Or look for an addon, i believe there was an area lights addon somewhere.

its because i think its useful to have this : make a lamp asset emitting light (a source of light) , put the asset on many places on your map . Done.

Also, i still don’t understand why light can go through walls. Wonder how i can simply correct this

Yup same here, there are a few fixes you can apply.

  1. make objects as real 3d objects, so a wall of let’s say 10 CM thick instead of a thin plane.
  2. fake it by overlaying an roof over the lightbleed effect
  3. bake the lightmap and use that to fake light/dark areas.

few topics to read:

thank you very much for this complete answer