Optiloops - new loops optimizing addon

Optiloops is a new addon for optimizing face counts.

It was released on www.blenderkit.com as part of the subscription. You can get it through BlenderKit website or on GitHub, as with all my scripts.

  • Optiloops goes through loops of the mesh and removes loops selectively by several constraints:

    • only whole loops get deleted
    • max face angle present on the loop, so the shape is kept as much as possible
  • You can keep loops by these properties:

    • UV seams
    • loops essential for subsurf shape (sometimes called offset edges)
  • You can either run optiloops on whole mesh, or on the selection. The selection is ‘grown’ from selected edges, so whole loops get removed.

  • It’s possible also only select edges for removal, and then decide if they should be removed.

  • Sometimes, the operator can be run several times to get to the desired result.


Looks very well, it would be nice to try / have this addon separately :wink:

Awesome! Does this addon work in Blender 2.80? If not, please port this addon.

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Hi, indeed, 2.8 compatibility is not a problem for this one. It’s just that 2.8 isn’t ready yet, crashing in so many cases. I hope to find time to convert all addons soon.


Can’t wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice tool! Would be amazing to have this addon in 2.8.

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Can this plugin “reflow” the loops, because that will be the ultimate form of loop optimization.

Hi, no ,it just takes the loops already present. The advantage is it never loses uv information and you stay with clean topology.

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This Optiloops addon should definitely become a modifier, you can’t imagine how useful would be for a full non-destructive workflow.


I will buy this the instant it is released. This would save a tremendous amount of time!

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Hi you mean when it will be released for blender 2.8? because it’s released for 2.79. 2.8 coming soon, seems API is finally stable and fixed.

Yeah, for 2.80

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Mark and wait for 2.8
Great work.

This add-on works with Blender 2.8 by changing only three lines.

-Blender-/optiloops.py at master · bookyakuno/-Blender-



change to


Just only one needed API changed, others no.

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thank by changes

Hi Everyone,
this addon was updated on BlenderKit and also on Github, enjoy, and sorry for the delay with it :wink:


Thanks! Can’t find the Github link, please post it?

edited: removed link