Parisian Apartment

Parisian style apartment.

Blender 4.0.1

Many References I collected on PInterest, in past few years, inspired me to create this parisian stye interior
This one was actually a part of a bigger project I did for a client. But after some time I decided to re-work the scene.

Rendered with Cycles.
Nishita sun/sky system is used as environment light here. There are two area lights in front of each window with Portal option enabled. I didn’t use any other light object inside the room, so the only light source is Nishita from outside. Sun disc disabled.

I wanted that very bright look of the room, with lot of diffuse light from outside. Enhancing diffuse bounce helped a lot to achieve that bright look. I tested it on different amounts and i liked how 32 bounces look nice here.

As this was more light study, and I focused more on light, materials and render settings, most of models are from Blenderkit, but some of them I did by myself.

Some post I did with Darktable.

Thank you for watching and your comments.




This rendering is very inspiring for me… I have been working on some isometric rooms… And they are coming along well… But not like this professional-looking room… That you have rendered here… I love it…

I had at first fought with the idea of a cartoonish isometric room or a realistic one… And I decided to do what made me love 3D animation — the cartoonish type…

But the realism of the rug and the draped covers are so motivating… The light flooding the room is masterful as the shadows blend into the light… The added features of the plants, shoes, table, and the clock on the table give life to the room… Oh, and I do see the lamp and other ornaments that sit on the altar accompanying the reflections of the mirror…

Everything from the studio-style light fixture gives me the enthusiasm to continue learning more and more about 3D animation in Blender… So, thank you for sharing your fine artwork…


Hi sinisa_babic, Nice work…Did you implement Agx colour management with this render?
Also where did you source the floor material for this?

Thank you very much for your kind words :pray:


Hi, thanks a lot! Yes, i implemented AgX here, but there is no much difference between Agx and Filmic in this case. And I chose Very High Contrast look here. Floor texture is from Poly Haven, very good one :slight_smile:
Btw, I like your images very much.




Yea I figured the effect would be too subtle to be noticeable, I’ll stick to 3.6 for now.

thankyou man…appreciate it :smiley:

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Nice rendering. It would be great if you can add a tiny bit of ambient occlusion to the white walls and ceiling, it looks a bit to uniform and flat, a problem i have always too. Is the carpet a model or have you made it yourself ?

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congrats! this quality is amazing, really amazed me when I have seen the detail, really this is awesome, I love the quality of all the materials, the rug and carpet too, glare and postproduction is amazing :heart_decoration:

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Thank you! Yes, some AO would be welcome for sure. I tried it already but then decided to keep it like that. Well, I change my mind often :slight_smile: The carpet is from Blenderkit, the one I use a lot in my projects from clients. I have some I did by myself, but this one was already in the scene. It was a scene I did for a client, but later on i reworked it a bit.
Thanks a lot for your comment and feedback.

Oh yes, I understand the theme of this picture. It is indeed about the question of equality. I think it’s a good time for a domestic scene: “But why is it always me who has the smallest cushion?”, “I don’t understand what you mean”, “Well, take your glasses that are on the book”, “Now you see that the blue cushions are not the same size…”. This is obviously a joke. This image is so realistic that we can have fun building a scenario once you have detailed all the objects present. A very good job.

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Thank you very much.
I kept postproduction subtle, without much attractive effects : ) I wanted here natural look as much as possible.

Luxuriously realistic!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Really good ! Congrats !

How did you achive this kind of lighting please ? I’m trying to do archivz render but my lighting is way off and i can’t understand how you did that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you : )
The lighting is very simple here. I used Nishita as environment light with Sky disc disablwed. Then you get diffuse skylight only. As I have two windows in the room only, I put two area lights in front of each, from outside. Portal option enabled. Under the Color Management I used AgX (almost the same as Filmic) and Very High Contrast as Look.
BUT, a big BUT :smiley: Diffuse, Glossy and Transmission bounces i set to 32, to there is a lot of light bouncing in the scene. Then you get more light. It was not necessary to have 32, even lower then 32 would work also fine, but i wanted to try how it looks with 32. I hope I could exlplain it.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Very good. I especially like the floor - the roughness in the plank material is perfect.

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Thank you! It is a great texture from Poly Haven.

Thanks Bart! Have a great weekend too!

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Great picture here! congrats!
One question - is the bed your model or is it available online?

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