Point Cloud Visualizer

New release is available at Blender Market!

  • 1.8.0
    • faster rendering
    • render current or all visible point clouds
    • optional shuffle when joining points
    • optional basic uv layout generation for Convert (mesh based result)
    • Convert to vertex mesh with pcv-normal and pcv-color attributes (to be used with Geometry Nodes)

it’s small update this time…
some notes as usual:

  • rendering is faster due to new method of setting pixel values from buffer, i see generally 4x faster rendering, but it may depend on how many points you are rendering and what is image size of renders.
  • rendering of all visible clouds with either alpha shader or adjusted global alpha looks strange when transparent points are in front of other points, it does not blend properly. i will try to solve this in future. for now please don’t render multiple transparent point clouds…
  • conversion to geometry nodes creates vertex only mesh with attributes. you can then use it for example to instance another mesh on points, rotate using normal attribute, but you can’t colorize instances by color (as far as i know), once i find way to do that, i will update it to create also node system with instancing and colors. if anyone happen to know a way to colorize mesh instances generated by geometry nodes in their current state, i would be very happy to learn that…

Would it be possible to use the clip geometry as an animation? For example: an animation of a clipped crosssection moving through the pointcloud and displaying only the clipped sections?

if keyframing clip planes values is not enough Point Cloud Visualizer - #353 by carbon2 , i could add optional automatic setting them on each redraw from chosen object bounds. object display then you can set on bounds and have it interactive and animate object instead.

what about this? it will be in next release



Yes! That looks awesome, I can’t wait!

I am having a really hard time getting the Instancing to work. All the icospheres are wrapped with the entire texture map of colors instead of each having the little bit of the UV map as appropriate. Is there a step when using instancing I am missing?

can you post some screenshots? so i know what are you doing?

colors are baked to texture with conversion to ‘instancer’ or ‘particle system’, which one you are using?

making uvs is latest addition, it is uv triangle per instance and it is meant for further processing, just that you don’t need making it by hand if some uv is needed. like when you are exporting result to some format that does not support vertex colors, so you need to bake colors to texture…

I am using Instancer. I can see the colors are baked, but every instance has the whole texture.


hm, material should be created correctly, important part is From Instancer checked in Texture Coordinates in sphere material.

this is straight to instancer conversion with same settings, no changes to it except i rearranged nodes to be all visible… and added light

what pcv version you have? blender version? is it cycles? i tested it on pcv 1.8, blender 2.83.13, cycles

Interesting. Yes, it works in Cycles, just not Eevee. I am on the beta of 2.93 on windows 10 and pcv 1.8.
Thank you for pointing out a way forward :slight_smile:

it is not supported (yet?) in eevee: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/render/eevee/materials/nodes_support.html#other-nodes-support
i should mention this in docs…

particles in eevee (2.83) are fine, you only need to switch viewport display to rendered