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I would like to request a small but very useful Blender add-on - tool menu “Bevel baker”;
Tool menu should have a file path input box (allows to enter a path and a file name), three bevel size entries and a render button.
So when the artist picks a file path, and a 3 bevel sizes respectively, by clicking render button this tool will render 3 normal map textures with corresponding bevel sizes and will save generated textures in selected folder.
This tool automate all manual selection and file saving process.

Please let me know, if anyone would be interested to make this. I am ready to buy this on Gumroad or BlenderMarket… !


Have you checked the baker add-ons by Daniel Bystedt? I don’t know feature details, but it might be helpful to you.

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There is also this fairly new Discord server with blender addons developers where you might make a request.

BPY Discord Server

Some big names in there too :smiley:.


Yes, Thank you for the link! I’ve checked tutorial: functionality is great, just not exactly what I am looking for.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I will try posting on Discord channel!


Much of this is already done: check out KIT OPS BEVEL

One thing I would really like to have is a one-click solution to add things from the file you are working on to your main asset library. So next to mark as asset, there would be an add to main asset library option. Unfortunately the devs have decided against such an approach in favour of having only a single blend file open at a time, hopefully an addon could tackle this issue.

Hello, is there a similar addon for Blender like this one for 3DSmax.

It would surely save some time other then sculpting all the damage on every object by hand.


AgamaMaterials livelink maybe.
AgamaMaterials is a very good 3d painting application