Retopo MT

Update !

Retopo MT is available !

It’s in alpha Stage, so you can see some bugs, thanks to put the error messages on this post :wink:

Retopo MT is a tool for retopo, you use it in addition with other addons or tools in Blender, in Edit Mode.
You call the tool with CTRL+SHift+ALT+W (we can change this shortcut ^^).

In this video you can see the Addon and his tools.
It’s in french (again ^^) so I’m sorry to not translate it, that demand too much time and work.

Instructions :

Here some gifs.

Enter in Retopo MT mod : Ctrl + Shift + X (you can change the shortcut, look after those gifs).
Add of polygons

B-surface style

  • Enter edit mode, select vertex, enter retopo MT mode, press SPACE and draw line(s)

Polygon merging

  • Use Shift and clic, the tool merge the vertex in the circle.

Contour style

  • Presse SPACE and draw lines

  • Activate the AutoMerge with A.

The core of the addon is the add polygons, it’s easy and fast.
Like I said, it’s in alpha stage so you may have some bugs, don’t worry and tell us what are your bugs.

The dev will not add feature, he as a new job and can just fix bugs, so i someone wants give us his help, don’t hesitate to participate :wink:

The link to the script >

For those who want change the shortcut, open the script in blender and change the shortcut and save the script.



With a friend we work on a retopoly Addon for blender.
It’s just a start and it’s not available right now, maybe in january I hope.

The goal is to make an easy retopo, to be fast and accurate.

There is some videos.

My friend make the code and I tell him what I want, I’m not as good as I would like to make that kind of code :frowning:
But I know what I want and I want a great and fast tool.

As you can see on the video it’s already pretty cool, on the second video I asked him to add the topogun style of making faces. You can see that at 10 minutes 51.

My friend cannot work on it for now but I can show you the addon.

Cheers !

- Roadmap :


Ctrl + RMB > Lasso Selection
C > face selection
X > Delete, hold X > delete everything under the brush
D > Bsurface
shift + Drag > Extrude and bridge
Double clic on a face face > add loopcut
Double clic on an edge > selection edge loop or edge ring
Q > Relax brush

In creation mode :

RMB > size of the cursor
MMB > Number of segments
LMB > Add faces

In relax Mode :

RMB > size of the cursor
MMB > Intensity
LMB > Relax


Retopo Creation :

Of of two inputs, one for the reference, one for the retopo Mesh.

When we don’t have a retopo mesh, the addon will create one.
Like that we can change reference and retopo mesh simply.

To add faces, il will be great to make like topogun because it’s fast and easy.


When create faces, the two points are really great, but it can be better.

RMB > size of the cursor
MMB > Number of segments
LMB > Add faces

When we draw line, we could use before the RMB for the size of the cursor, the MMB for the number of subdivisions.

After the creation we could use the mouse to change the number of subdivision or < and >.
Thos keys are under the hand, so it’s easier than + and -, no need to look the keyboard and no need to clic on the blanc circle.

But, keep the blanc circle, it’s good too !


Use the double clic on a face, start the loopcut tool and after we can choose the direction and the subdivisions, with the mouse or < and >.


Add the Knife Tool with K to add subdivisions.


Have the posibilitu to selection vertex, edges and faces, also the lasso and circle selection.


When we have something selected we could use the mouse buttons to move, rotate and scale.

LMB > Move selection
MMB > Rotate selection
RMB > Scale selection

O would use the proportionnal editing.

When nothing selected, it’s the cursor with his own proportionnal editing who is used.


Add a relax brush with Q.

<span style=“font-size: 12.7272720336914px;”>

LMB > Relax
MMB > intensity
RMB > Brush size.

The relax keep the border

SHIFT + Q > relax the borders


X for deleting faces, hold X to delete all the polygons under the brush.


really nice work, i love it

That looks like very useful

that looks great !

especially the auto merge function and F2 alike fucntions are going to make a lot easier.

Big kudos for the Topogun alike feature(s)

a few questions which I hope is okay to ask:

might there be a chance of testing this as it is right now?

will a tube function be added?

could a feature be added where you add points which you can later connect with the geometry as you can do in 3DCoat?

a visible symmetry plane option so you can see where both ends would meet /snap on that plane ?

ufffff durisimo excellent work…:yes:

It’s a first version, so that will change for sure, I want some topogun tools like the brush relax for example.
It has a tube tool yes.

You cannot test it now, sorry, you have to wait for it.
For the add point I think it’s possible.

Don’t hesitate to show us the best retopo tools you know, I have seen some videos of 3dcoat and modoi, but I don’t know them.

My goal is to prepare a paper for the dev with the tools and workflow as good as possible.
and why not make a proposal of a workflow for the BF to be implanted in Blender as a local tool.

Wazou strikes again!

Did I get this right, during the whole demo, in both vids, you are in one tool the whole time?!
Preselection highlighting?

Obviously, it’s a WiP still, and needs some more tweaking, maybe some more modifier keys (true delete). A diamond in rough. Looking forward to use this.

I’ve said this before in some thread, from a pure workflow point of view you have some of the best if not the best work done for Blender. I just hope there comes a day that those high up in Blender trenches hire you as a developer consultant/workflow designer. You know your shit!

ha ha ha no the dev did all the work, I just gave him some ideas ^^

We can make a really great tool for retopo, so tell me your ideas :wink:

I just find one interessting, for edge ring/loop selection and cut.
Like topogun, selec with double clic the ring with the middle of an edge and the look with the corner of an edge.
Cut loop with double clic too, not on the edge, but the face, we double clic, we choose the path and the subdivisions.

One button, multiple tools ^^

I will test that on blender instead of CTRL+R

is this possible to add?

No, zremesher is somthing else, there will be a new remesher for Blender.

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This looks very interesting, it reminds me of tools like BSurfaces. Does this use any existing code out of curiosity? :smiley:

The tool looks extremely promising, but i’d say the two main features you need to worry about at the moment is getting a working undo stack, as the tool is modal and as a result can’t use the internal stack, and just to ensure when you’re drawing that the plugin is adding an appropriate amount of edge loops to polygon strokes, and understands when stroke should be attached or not, as it seems like you have some trouble in the second video drawing polygon strokes. Looking awesome though, with Contours and Poly Strips, Blender is going to be amazing for retopology :3

There was a GSOC project this year that had a new remesher, don’t know if it was completed or if it is better than the current remesh modifier though.
Anyways, good luck with this tool !

The interaction with little dots on the fly is great. Preselection is also pretty nice, congrats guys.

Psy-fi is working on viewport widgets for Gooseberry, maybe (i’m not sure) he will also add an API for scripters to design and implement viewport interactions through widgets. Well I hope so, these kind of addons would benefit a lot.

thank you for answering the questions :slight_smile:

while being in retopo mode, it would be amazing to have an option to add seams to the selected edges/vertices.
with a slightly modified “select shortest path” option.

here a quick example video

Looks awesome @pitiwazou, I can’t wait to test it!

You should check this playlist from the 3DCoat youtube channel, they have pretty cool tools for retopology :slight_smile:

will this be on the blendermarket? Will it be open source? :slight_smile: cant wait

Our first idea is to be free under gpl licence.
Maybe on the market for donations to help the dev to bye a new computer. His PC crached this week : (

We need to wait for the dev to be available in december with a new PC to continue the addon.

I can’t wait too ^^

Thx for the ideas and videos guys ; ) I will look all of that.

I added a roadmap on the first post !

Great tool! I can’t wait! I really hope what price would be acceptable, if you decide to sell it.

wow! cedric, seems you are creating the definitive and perfect retopo tool set. Really really awesome :eek:, many congrats! the only point is that would be great a customizable shortcuts for this tool. For example, I purchased contours tool, and it “still” don’t have customizable shortcuts, so I felt a bit disappointed for that, because it’s key combination don’t works fine with my custom keymap.