Some posts are missing?

Could there be a direct link to directly enter the last post of the thread in Main page?
I have not tried yet forum in smartphone. But phones often have internet rates tied to traffic, and a direct link to go directly to the last post could save some data traffic and money.
By the way, slider on the side also always makes you spend a lot of data if you do not quickly slide to the end.

About the site, I have noticed that in General Forum, last messages are from 4 days ago. Are the new messages not yet loaded/charged, or have they been lost forever?

No, that’s not available. However, if you click on the text just below the navigator it will take you straight to the most recent post.

Everything is included up to the moment we switched the site to read-only yesterday. I see messages from yesterday in the General forum, so it looks :+1:

I’m not sure if I understood you. For example in this thread I am sure that we had discussed many more pages than the last thing that appears there for now:

I see. I’ll ask our Discourse consultant about that.

I notice the same thing as Yafu. A lot of threads is showing the last reply as being 4 days ago.

Please provide some more URLs so we can dig in to this.

I know these are some. I replied to the GIMP thread and noticed my reply is not there. I finally realized a lot more replies was missing in that thread and noticed the last posting day was 4 days ago.

I replied to this one Maritime World of Blender yesterday and it’s showing last reply as 16 days ago

Thanks, we’ll see if we can get those back!

This thread for example misses about 10 or 15 posts as well, the counter was over 1600 with old BA.

The WEC thread seems to be missing every entry thread, including this weeks. Every week there is an entry thread and a voting thread.

Quest house is also missing comments

Thanks everyone, we’re going to try a ‘diff update’. Stay tuned.

Maybe they are hiding or blocking some missing posts?Maybe they got hidden archive for these lost comments database?I dunno.Missing posts should be displayable not found only via blender artists searching bar.

this thread

doesn’t seem to be new (i don’t really know) but now it says “page doesn’t exist or is private”; I was able to get there at last Friday, from a google search and unlogged. It won’t show on searches made on the new site too, so i think it’s gone?

Also, amusingly the “about bge category” forum says -1 comments :slight_smile:

I understand that those are temporary issues, the new site appears to be great!

I am unable to find my own posts, later on a time.

I am unable to follow up the comments or suggestions by other artists on my posts.

I am unable to understand the complicated interface.

I am unable to find the gallery and my posts there even which was done yesterday.

I was looking this thread then leave and comeback a couple of minutes later to find several missing posts which after that did not appear again and that was a couple of days ago.

I see no sign of moderated posts there, unless you have more specific information I can’t act on this report.

Is working fine now, thanks.

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I noticed that there are missing threads I made.
Is it possible to restore below threads?

Thanks for the great works for maintaining Blender Artists.

These 2 are also still missing: