Array tools, all in one for translation, scale and rotation array

Some people will say “great another array addon, not have enough yet”. Maybe. The truth is that I always wanted to use the array tools of 3dsmax on blender. It’s not that I unlike the array modifier but to get a circular array, you need to add an empty and rotate him.

Unlike most other addon, I do not use modifier. So no extra empty to add.

With this you can :

  • create translation array with offset or global distance
  • create scale array with offset or global scale
  • create rotation array with offset angle or global angle

in any direction and mix translation, scale and rotation.

Please give me your feedback, I would like to know what you think.

Edit : New random options add. Choose the simple mode to random all axis or the advanced one, to choose 1, 2 or 3 axis.

Version 1.2.0

  • add row options
  • each session of array has now his own collection

With the add of rows, you have a lot more fun.

Version 1.2.1

  • add variation in rows. (Give you the possibility to add or remove elements in each row)
  • add row alignment

Version 2.0.0

How to install in Blender
(Remove previous version if any)

  • Download the (32.6 KB) for Blender 2.8
    or this file for Blender 2.79 (4.4 KB) (no update available for 2.79)
  • in Blender 2.80, go to edit > preferences > add-ons > install and select the file
    in Blender 2.79, go to file > user preferences > add-ons > install add-on from file
  • check the addon Array_tools

How it works

  • select the object reference for array
  • in sidebar, look for Array tools tab
  • click the start button
  • play with the settings
  • have fun !

Note :
Don’t forget, you have to be in object mode and select one object to make it works.


Nice! Looking forward to this.

Looks great.
A random distribution of the array would be nice.

Will it be a Commercial Addon?

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No, it will be a free addon. It’s my way to thanks the community and the Blender team.:blush:

I have already thought about random but I haven’t no use for it. If more people ask for it, I could add some more options.


Giving parameters to randomize the rotation of any elements along an axys and also scattering their position would be lovely. Just wondering if it’s possible to use a curve as a path too.


Stupid question but are the meshes editable after they are arrayed so that you can change one and they all update? Instanced meshes, as it’s called in Max.

Yes it’s the default behavior but if you want just copy you can also with “copy only” checkbox.


ooohh… good idea to replicate the 3dsmax array tool.
It seems really useful.

About random, sometimes you need to have it when you try to create a realistic array of objects. for example, you could have fences that are not perfectly perpendicular to the terrain…or light poles in a country environment or books on a shelf…and so on :slight_smile:

So if would like to make it…it will be surely useful


The addon is released, have fun with it !


Hi Elreenys,

many thanks for this great Addon.

I wanted to make a Animated Circle Array, but it doesn’t work.
Do animations ever work with this addon?

No, it wasn’t planned for animation but to help place objects.

Too bad, nevertheless a nice addon. Many thanks.

Hi, would it be too difficult to have a 2.79b version of it ?
I so much love this add-on, so convenient, easy and down right powerful BECAUSE it is so direct and easy !

Thanks for the kind words, I just add a 2.79 version. Enjoy !

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Array tools 1.1.0 is released !

  • add a simple mode to random all axis
  • and an advanced mode with minimun and maximum values for each axis

Now you can play with more options.


Thanks for the script!

It would be cool if the copies are created under their own collection or at least under the collection the original geometry resides. Would also love some presets for quick and easy circular arrays.

Yep I can add that.

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-EDIT- nvm, I didnt check the video which show the ‘scaling’ parameter I mentioned. Thank you for your effort @Elreenys , I’ll try this gem as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Small update !

  • copies are now in their own collection
  • quick 360°
    (as you ask keyframe_L)

I also add

  • reset buttons
  • and a uniform scale checkbox (if you don’t want to deform objects)


You rock man!

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