Broken/Missing .gifs and Twitter Videos

I’m finding some videos/.gifs are no longer displaying in several older posts. A couple of examples of missing .gifs are the first one in this post:

Human Progress - Artwork / Works in Progress - Blender Artists Community

and the one near the bottom of this post:

Human Progress - Artwork / Works in Progress - Blender Artists Community

You can still open the images by clicking on the link that’s replaced them, but they were originally embedded in the posts.

There are also some embedded Twitter videos that can no longer be played, even though they’re still on Twitter. Examples:

I’ve noticed .gif thumbnails no longer animate on the Work In Progress page either, which may or may not be related.



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Both the gifs in the topics that you mention work fine for me, suggesting perhaps an issue on your end?

I’m not sure what would have caused the embedded tweets to stop working, but when I rebuilt the posts they showed up again :thinking:

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Hi Bart, thanks for looking into it.

Can you see the teeth in the first example? I get this instead, which can be clicked on to show the .gif in a popup:

Discrete Vs Principled GIF Missing

And there are three .gifs in the second example, but the third one is replaced with a similar link. I’ve tried Edge, Chrome and Firefox, all with the same results. Strangely they display normally in the preview window if I attempt to edit the posts though.

Those Twitter videos seem to be showing up here now as well, however I found another one in that thread with the same issue:

I don’t know if there are more of them (it’s a big thread). Could it be a problem across the board?


There are only working when i click on it and they dont show up automatically like the others.


I’m here to echo @ChrisJones and @3DArtGuy. I’m seeing the same thing…a broken link that works when clicked. Regarding the videos, clicking on them gives the dread No video with supported format and MIME type found.


Yup, seeing the same issue with gifs as ChrisJones, schamph and gtomorrow with (on Linux):

  • Chromium 88.0.4324.150
  • Firefox 85.0.2

However, the Twitter video issue in this post mentioned above by Chris for me only occurs in Firefox, Chromium seems to display it fine.


I suspect this has to do with Firefox’s privacy issues - it’s blocking content for Twitter for me, and the page displays fine in Brave/Chrome:

The gif of the teeth shows fine in both Firefox and Chrome though:

I’m curious what the image source of the broken image is - what do you see when you right-click it and select something like ‘copy image location’?

I can see that one in Chrome, but not Firefox or Edge (which is supposedly based on Chromium).

I uninstalled Chrome and installed a fresh one, still can’t see it in that or Firefox 85.0.2. Could it be an OS thing? :thinking: I’m on Windows 10.

It was uploaded to BA, as were the other .gifs:

What happens if you open that image link in another browser or in a private browser window? I double checked the URL and it works fine for me :-/

Yeah the image shows if you open the direct link to it, it just doesn’t show embedded in the post.

I’ve since checked on a Surface Pro 4, and it does appear embedded in the post, in the same version of Edge (88.0.705.74). Weird.