CAD Like transform

Hi everyone,
Released CAD like transform for blender 2.81+ / 2.90+


bug tracker


Precise Move / Rotate / Scale, predictable and intuitive snap

Works in both object and edit mode for mesh and curves
Support “Affect only” Origins / Locations / Parents

Snap from / to

  • Vertex
  • Edge / Center / Perpendicular / Intersection constraint axis - edge
  • Face / Center / Normal
  • Grid - local / global / user defined
  • Object origin
  • Average many snap targets

Constraints XYZ Axis and planes

  • Local
  • Global
  • User defined


The CG Essentials preview ( 9 min )

Maker Tales made an amazing work to provide comprehensive tutorial ( 51 min )


Awesome!! Thank you very much Stephen!

This is amazing Stephen! You tackled the most annoying snap/transform “issues” in Blender quite nicely. Thank you for sharing.

It would be nice if you could demonstrate or explain Round option and Contraints. I couldn’t make use of those features.

alt big steps
alt + shift small steps

Remember that it is only the beta 1 so i’ll wait a bit to push documentation as some features are still not there and workflow may change a bit depending on user feedback.


You sir are a legend !

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Arigato gozaimashite! You have just saved my life by preventing aneurysm! This tool solves all of my Blender transform problems, some of which are insane annoying! I will be watching for updates. =)

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… once donations allow it :wink:


hey stephen this is very cool! thank you very much, do you think it would be possible to make a snapping grid aligned with selected object or selected face ?

i mean to display an aligned grid to the object or to the face or even to a group of objects with a best fit plane or maybe selecting 3 vertices, just like in inventor, rhinoceros, solid, every cad pakage where you can create working planes or sketch planes

Like this one?

but it’s not working in 2.8…
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yees!!! just like that one :slight_smile: thanks Apec! :muscle:

Making this an active tool with modal hotkeys matching blenders defaults makes it fit in really nicely.

I don’t understand the scaling though, what is used as the centre point?

Scale and rotate are working the same way.
First click set the “pivot”, then free move to set a reference axis / constraint, click to confirm.
The length of constraint tripod is the base unit for your scale.
Scale / rotate occurs about the pivot.


wow… amazing… thank you @stephen_leger

Got it. My eyes were playing tricks on me in perspective view. I think this has a permanent home in my toolbar. Really great work.

Highly recommended addon and easy to use, good job Stephen, may the vive la France be with you !

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Amazing Addon, thank you so much.

Would it be possible to add support for this?:

Great, finally we have it ! Thank you !
I would NOT like to push you effort too far but maybe some key modifier could be added
to have an object transformed&copied ? :wink:

Ps. Equivalents for Alt+D and Shift+D respectively…

He answered it, once donations allow it :slight_smile:

Great work @stephen_leger !

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