Water Pool Villa

I was doing some tests about mixing textures in blender. my goal was to make some old and rusty concrete walls but few days after decided to make this scene with them and I’m happy with the result.
done with Blender 3.0
hope you like it.

Final Render


Night Lighting

Rendering tests

Blender Scene

see new version of this scene with this link below!

see more on my instagram / artstation


Looks great - very natural.

You should give the new 3.1 caustics build a try - this is exactly the type of scene it would be good for


Thanks buddy.
yes we finally have this :)) I read about this new feature recently and I will check it out for sure.

Work is Amazing and real , congrats :clap::clap::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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thank you dear friend.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you sir.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Thanks again for your support dear Bart :heart:


whered you download the scene

wowowowowow noice ball

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thanks dear friend :))

Everything you see in this scene Is modeled by me. except for the trees.

A friend asked me to share my water material setup. something I want to mention is that I have not used new caustics feature in blender 3.1 and this effect was made by mixing some nodes as you can see below.

Great render, for the first sight I was sure that image was rendered in Octane :slight_smile: bloom, tone mapper, caustics all that stuff with texturing and lighting - I see no difference between “advanced light algorithms” and cycles integrator. Very good job. Congrats

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thank you my dear friend. yes you’re right, cycles is awesome :))

Great work!
Thanks for sharing the water setup, it looks very real.

I’m interested in the concrete griming, the dirt streaks, the changes in reflectiveness and other things that give the wall patina.
How did you do that please?

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thank you dear friend. for the changes in reflectiveness I mixed come grunge textures together and for the dirt streaks I painted different textures on the wall in texture paint mode.

Congratulations Bro

I also choosen for this year BOBA-Number6

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thank you for your support bro. With all good wishes :v:

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