Cotaks shared Bge/UpBge resources

This page shows the resources that i share for BGE and UPBGE.

Terms of usage:

  • All resources are free to use.
  • Do whatever you like with it.
    – But do NOT sell the resources as it is (create your own resources if you want to sell something).
    – You may use any of my resources in your game, and sell your game.
  • Credits are appreciated, but not needed.

All things below should work in BGE from version 2.6+ and in UPBGE.
One of the blends not working? feel free to send me a pm.

If you can use it, use it.

(Please do not post anything in this topic, use the topic of the resource itself to reply)



If you readed it all and still have nothing to do try my Crazy flipper(pinball) game:


Everyting is converted, all should work in BGE and UPBGE now!

Have fun with it!

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Thanks a lot Cotaks! very useful resources :smiley:

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