Blender Game Making Challenge 32 [ Theme:SPACE - Mechanic:Visual Storytelling / No Words]

Yeah that is garbage.

I have made whole worlds in a week in BGMC bro.

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There are currently 5 posted.

This is completely unnecessary, considering that it is BGMC “32”, as in we have held this competition 31 times previously. If that is not too clear here is a link to several full BGMC game packs if you would like to look at them:

The truest statement you made, some people are not cut out for making video games, and others are willing to put in the time to make something. Some of the BGMC games are lackluster (many of mine included), but others are gems… honestly BGMC is about increasing our skills and doing the best we can with the time we can put in.

p.s. The original Minecraft game was made in 6 days


Ok! all games should be submitted by now - barring special circumstances

Who wants to host a all games pack this year?

I start work in about 15 minutes - can someone put together an all games pack?

I’m rather busy as well with classes, I haven’t even had time to play all the games… We could just make a poll with a link to each of the finished game threads, to lower the complexity a bit