BoBA 2022 Voting: Geometry Nodes

How to vote

  • Pick up to three of your favorite images
  • Results will be made visible after you have cast your vote.
  • To change your vote, click ‘Show vote’, update your choice and click ‘Vote now!’
  • Voting ends on midnight, December 30 (Amsterdam).

Congratulations to @Xeofrios, @FrankFirsching, @sozap, @CGObaid, @Gorgious, @RC12, @orencloud, @sozap, @wanoco4D, @Nico_Hintelmann, @fr002, @Eugenio_Delga, @Nico_Hintelmann, @JeremyMallin, @celestialmaze, @orencloud, @Ivan_Roukin, @joseph, @Xeofrios, @wanoco4D, @zeroskilz, @Xeofrios, @Charles_Weaver, @wanoco4D, @Tell, @celestialmaze, @Rafael_Riva, @albin_merle, @Xeofrios, @sozap for being nominated!


I am absolutely thrilled by all of these works and can’t wait to explore the endless possibilities offered by the geometry nodes! Thank you for sharing these impressive creations.